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3 Tips To Help You Master The Kaddish At A New Synagogue

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The Jewish faith is one that has many rich traditions. One of these traditions pertains to a special prayer, called the Kaddish, that is recited when a person is in mourning. It is important that the Kaddish be said in a synagogue in order to realize the full effect of the prayer. Although the Kaddish prayer remains constant, the customs and traditions of each synagogue can vary slightly. If you have to relocate to a new city and a new synagogue while you are still in mourning, there are some simple things that you can do to help master the Kaddish in your new place of worship. Read More»

Love Essential Oils? Consider Signing Up For A Membership

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Did you start using essential oils recently? Now that you have used them for a few different things, you may love everything about them and have an interest in trying out different scents to see what they can do for you. If you want to collect quite a few different essential oils, you should sign up for a membership to have access to plenty of them. You Can Compile a Collection of Oils to Use for Different Purposes Read More»

Ways Taking A Personality Test Can Help You

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When you are going about your daily life, you may not give much thought to your personality and how it may differ from others around you on any given day. However, the reality is that there are many different personality types in the world and many different ways that understanding these personality types can benefit a person in their interactions with the rest of the world. Get to know some of the ways taking a personality test can help you in your life so you can be sure you take a personality test as soon as possible. Read More»

Spiritual Healing Is Essential

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Your emotional and physical health should be extremely important to you. Most individuals are willing to go to doctors or psychiatrists to get the help that they need. Often these medical providers will give you solid advice, and even give you a prescription if needed. However, there are often times when what truly needs to be healed is your spirit. Life can be very hard, and situations can be difficult to handle. Read More»

How To Blend A Christian And A Jewish Wedding

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Have you fallen in love with somebody who is not of your faith? If that is the case, you might have some challenges ahead of you. The word compromise will take on a stronger meaning as you make sacrifices to make your marriage work. Of course you should never give up the strong beliefs that have formed you into the person you are today. However, if you borrow the best from each other’s beliefs, you will grow in ways you never expected. Read More»

What Is The History Behind Tombstones?

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Death has always been a mystery. For this reason, religion plays a role in helping you to deal with and understand death. If you ever had to bury a loved one, then you had the option to purchase a tombstone (gravestone). Tombstones have always been used as a way to memorialize a deceased loved one. Have you ever wondered why people use gravestones as part of a burial? Read on to find out the history behind gravestones. Read More»