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3 Tips To Help You Master The Kaddish At A New Synagogue

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The Jewish faith is one that has many rich traditions. One of these traditions pertains to a special prayer, called the Kaddish, that is recited when a person is in mourning. It is important that the Kaddish be said in a synagogue in order to realize the full effect of the prayer. Although the Kaddish prayer remains constant, the customs and traditions of each synagogue can vary slightly. If you have to relocate to a new city and a new synagogue while you are still in mourning, there are some simple things that you can do to help master the Kaddish in your new place of worship.

1. Dress the Part

It is customary for anyone attending synagogue during the week to wear their work clothes during worship. This means that you can wear your work attire as you recite the Kaddish on weekdays. Shabbat requires more formal dress, and you may not be allowed to stand in front of a congregation on Shabbat if you are not dressed appropriately.

All of your clothing should be clean, in good repair, and modest to show respect for the synagogue and for the loved one you are mourning.

2. Contact the Rabbi in Advance

Since each synagogue relies on its rabbi to set a prayer schedule, it is always a good idea to contact your local rabbi whenever you have moved to a new city. The rabbi will be able to tell you when prayers are said in your new synagogue. You can let the rabbi know that you will be coming to say Kaddish, which allows him or her time to ensure that everything is in order for your arrival.

Kaddish requires a minyan, which is a quorum of at least ten males aged 13 and older. You may not know enough people in your new city to form a minyan on your own, but contacting your new rabbi lets him or her arrange for the presence of a minyan prior to your arrival at the synagogue.

3. Stay in Sync

The Kaddish is a public prayer, which means that you will probably be reciting the prayer with other mourners. It's important that those present are able to answer the Kaddish. If the mourners performing the recitations are not in sync, a proper answer can't be given. Make sure that you are standing close enough to other mourners to hear their recitation. This will allow you to sync up your recitation to the rhythm and cadence used in your new synagogue.

For more information, contact a Kaddish recitation service.